World Profit Review

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Type of Business: Home Business Training and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advanced

Income Potential: Worldprofit is a training system in affiliate marketing and has an optional business program and never makes income claims


Recommended: Yes, 5 stars

World Profit by David Harrisson

“World Profit”, owned and operated by George Kosch CEO, and Sandi Hunter President and found at, is a famous internet affiliate marketing company that is loaded with endless positive testimonials from a lot of very happy people.

Aside: I pride myself on reviewing sites I've joined by never ever promoting another opportunity under my review which can be good, bad or ugly. You see, reviews for the most part about the best companies are mostly negative. These are followed by something like "Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses" which of course point to affiliate links either owned by that site or the reviewer. If you see this... run run run... as these are always false. YouTube, scam this, scam that sites and I've done that are most notorious for these "crap" reviews.

I usually run into a moderate amount of registered grievances on many of the business opportunities when first researching for review, however, it is rare to see such an enormous amount of fantastic testimonials like were found in favor of World Profit. I am even including some testimonials here in the comment section below, and that was before I got to change this from a business submission into a review.

Most scam “biz opps” use a reputation cleaning method known as scrubbing to get rid of bad or negative internet presence by filling the search pagers with nonsense and fake reviews to push the real info way down. So far down that most people won’t go as far as 40 or 50 pages of search material. The majority of people “googling” only go as far as page 2 maybe even 3.

World Profit has such an incredible reputation after 23 years in business that it looks like it would be a great way to get started online. That said, we will now look into why World Profit is so successful. At a $99.95 a month, it’s inconceivable that a company like World Profit would rip people off since the hosting package and business tools alone are worth more than 5 times this amount.

Worldprofit's CEO presents a 20 minute video full of straight talk about how their system works in detail along with a clear and concise description of all of their services which include advertising on their thousands of sites.

Their affiliate program works mostly in favor of the company's new Silver Members since they have the training and tools to get started in the best way possible. Their free program also gives anyone a great way to learn about how business works online without any cost. There is no limit on the free Worldprofit Associate membership.

World Profit is clearly in the business of helping entrepreneurs make money from driving traffic to the company's landing pages and also giving members specific training on how to direct that same traffic to their own opportunities and affiliate programs.

Sure, World Profit has tools and training that shows you how to drive visitors to one’s site, sell traffic exchanges and “safelists”. However, the traffic they get you to bring in is of great quality if you learn the secrets to conversion. World profit excels like no other in this aspect of their training program.

The reason is that most of the visitors will be redirected to World Profit’s sales pages, and that traffic is the key to their member's success. If by some chance some one buys something off the World Profit affiliate ID links you post and advertise you would get commission, World Profit makes no income claims which is why they are a no hype program.

Getting people to sign up to World Profit under you is a very easy task since they give you a fantastic "copy paste system". Some newbie entrepreneurs learn incorrectly that most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are, which is completely false.

World Profit is a legitimate online business training program simply because they provide lots of training information, but it’s mostly on how to help you profit and learn how to promote your affiliate programs. Again this is awesome! 

Although there is information to look over, the World Profit sales page designs and much of the info are up to date and with their landing page builder system it allows members to create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and more on their own website, that's right, they own the site and manage everything.

The amount of time it takes to not only learn but to go around trying to get others to buy from or sign up under you at World Profit is vast and mostly easy to learn. Many testimonials I’ve viewed are not only praising the owners, but just about every one of them talks about how World Profit has changed their lives for the better.

I wanted to summarize by saying that World Profit, after over 23 years online, hides nothing. They teach people the cold hard facts about earning money online and how it takes work and more work to achieve success.

Keep up the good work World Profit, thank you for reading my review.


World Profit Member Testimonials

"I was totally unknown to online business and has just started operating computer as i have learnt from my kids how to run computers seriously. But to my surprise, with time i came into contact with sister Sandi and brother George. I joined this esteemed powerful system . I am creating websites, blogs, writing articles, growing my affiliate business and planning to create E- books. I have my Amazon seller central and Ebay . I have click bank and many more income generated sources and moreover, I have come to know real people working so hard to fulfill dreams of their down line and supporting their business . I must salute to Brother George for providing such a real back office support to dealers and members.I have great plans ahead to develop my skills as i have learnt so much from these real dedicated seniors. I wish them all the best and pray to God to increase their business day and night miraculously . "

- Monica bhalla Sangrur, Punjab India

"Worldprofit gives it's Silver and Platinum dealers so much more than what we pay for. We have reseller products where we make top commission, over 10,000 products available to us through Clickbank, advertising products we can use and when one of our dealers make a purchase, we get the commission. We have so many ways to get traffic to our websites, and it works. Premiums are given to guest just for checking us out. We are a team that work together and help one another. Our monitors are awesome and will make sales for you. Give us a try by purchasing the monthly package and you will always be glad you made the step with Worldprofit."

- Jerry Matthews Henderson, NC USA

"I am so glad I have started making more sales! Personally, I have seen no other online business to beat Worldprofit and the brilliant tools and training that you offer. Thank You George and Sandi ~Graham Bookham"

- Graham Bookham Ogmore Vale, Bridgend GB

"This is a very comprehensive website every Online Marketer should be made aware of. The Wordprofit Staff are well dedicated to give all their best for our profit online."

- Josephf Gaita ,

"I've been online for 4 years now blogging Health and Fitness as well as Make Money Online Articles. I'd retired from a major telco, and after volunteering for two years, I'd significant surgery. I started Cassady Online LLC when I was at home recovering from two major operations. My online venture was composed of, and Cassnethosting,a professional web hosting site. Obviously, the online marketing piece was lacking,although I'd always added value-add articles to the online community. I had worked with a few get-huge-commission companies and some TEs and safelists. I didn't know how to judge the value of the online companies,so I became disillusioned with the results,and quit online company after online company.I bought a Diamond Package from Worldprofit, and once I discovered the platform and actual SYSTEM, it immediately resonated with me. The very professional but practical people, that administer Worldprofit online marketing,are really the people that keep the Worldprofit System moving forward. This 20 year old company is right on with the most up-to-date internet and affiliate marketing tools. From landing pages to ad copy to instructional videos from George Kosch, the twenty year veteran of internet marketing, make Worldprofit one of the top rated internet and affiliate marketing systems on the internet. But probably the most impressive piece about Worldprofit, is their ability to communicate concerns with members. You'll get answers, there is significant communication capabilities within the Worldprofit community. If you're looking for fantasy and get rich quick schemes don't come to Worldprofit. If you're looking for a world class online marketing SYSTEM to facilitate your online efforts, be sure to join Worldprofit. Get real,get it right, join Worldprofit as a free Associate now and see for yourself. Fran Cassady Cassady Online LLC "

- Francis Cassady Elk River, MN US

"i love this is helping me out with so many business plans i have been working on for yers thanks worldprofit"

- Arlyss Engebretson ,

"My congratulations goes to George for the Promo video and demonstrating the simple, but very effective script he has written into Google Chrome to promote to my lists. It is so simple to use and to utilise a very affective promotional campaign I have ever seen. My hat is off to you George, you are the best."

- Garry Bryen Aberdare, New South Wales AU

"I've been with Worldprofit almost 2 years. Shortly after joining, I became a platinum member, got a wonderful website with that package, and was in business! However,... ... about 3 months into it, I got a job with a company that does online e-commerce sales of name-brand, manufactured athletic apparel (shoes, mostly - guess who). Due to the conflict of interest clause in that contract, I could not work on my Worldprofit nor any other websites involved in e-commerce, except theirs for 1.5 years while I was there. Nevertheless, when that contract ended, I just happened to check my paypal account (which I had also not been using all that time) and found I'd made over $400 DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's how good Worldprofit works! Join NOW, you will not regret it! Furthermore, I will add that, while I've been in internet marketing since 1998, I've spent over $20,000 on one opportunity after another and bought two "1-on-1 Coaching/Training" packages with a couple of those opps, and it was ALL wasted money! ONLY Worldprofit offers you 24/7/365 LIVE people, provides email and support with relatively instantaneous responses, whereas most of the opps I'd previously purchased could not even be reached by such means. I can assure you... THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG... that is, if you're really serious about wanting an online business of your own that actually works and makes money! Jesse Josserand - Platinum VIP Member"

- Jesse Josserand Eagle Creek, Oregon USA

"I've belonged to a lot of sites and programs over the years but nothing works as well as Worldprofit. It is the place to be for all your online needs. It has advertising, hosting, autoresponders and anything else you could think of or want for your business. Most importantly, it has the most responsive customer service anywhere. Ask a question and you get an answer right away. And, not just any answer. You get an answer that is complete. Their response always includes the who, what, why and where on how to solve your particular issue. It even has a 24/7 live chat to help you if you need it. Hardly anyone else does that! Plus, they have the best online training you'll find anywhere. I can't say enough about Worldprofit. This is where you need to be if you want success online.'s even free to join!"

- Donald Gaw Clarksville, IN United States of America

"I am Wallace Johnson MBA, former Test Pilot Apollo Project (The Lunar Landing Mission). Currently 88 years of age, it is an honor to say I am Worldprofit's Senior, Senior Monitor. This fact alone should set aside any fears of those Senior Citizens who think the Internet is much to complex to master. It is a paradigm shift and a learning experience which is solved at Worldprofit with the excellent training given by our resident Guru George Kosch. I have been with Worldprofit almost ten years now, and after spending countless dollars chasing after the "Magic Bullet" I found Worldprofit and immediately joined. The world is going through a paradigm shift which is changing the Social Structure and the Business World. Nothing as important has happened since the Great Crusade. The Internet is here to stay and it has yet to reach its full potential. You can join in and be part of it or be left out to your detriment. As for me, I have been involved with some serious health issues of late, but I do believe that wanting to get back into the swing of things with Worldprofit has helped me rebound. Young or Old, there is something here for you which will change your life. I highly recommend Worldprofit as a step in the right direction. With the training and support I have received, I have been a consistent leader in sales through the years. Join me and my associates, we will keep you out of the Cosmic Black Holes and promise you success. Wallace Johnson MBA MCEC Apollo Project Test Pilot Commander Spaceship DEWAJ"

- Wallace Johnson MBA Alameda, CA United States

"I am brand new to WORLDPROFIT and as I study my website I am even more pleased that I finally found the company I have needed all the years marketing online ALONE! I had all the problems and failures from them. What we get with our Silver and or Platinum plan is awesome. Where else can you find all the professional closers working for you 24x7x365 days? NO WHERE! I am not a "techie" either and the support staff is great along with my sponsor, Louise Croy. Thank you Louise, Sandi and everyone on staff at WORLDPROFIT. Still learning, George Begalla"

- George Begalla SALEM, OHIO USA

"I had to send in this testimonial about our Company, our customer service, our family. I have been here now for almost 2 1/2 years and as the time goes by my stay here continues to bless me and teach me. I had no idea I would be here this long but life sometimes makes choices for us that are far better than the choices that we ourselves make. I am just like everyone else working hard to build my business and to be successful it takes much work. Often times I have looked other places to find what I thought were the tools I needed to take me to the next level. And time and time again I realize that we already have those same tools in our membership. We just have to do our part and study our site to find them. We may call them by a different name but they are here. So, what I do now is implement and modify if necessary what I already have here and build my other businesses from our platform. Now things like this are simple but when someone takes the time and consideration to go the extra, extra mile to not only tell you what you need to do to fix a problem but make a special video to show you as well. That is what working together is all about. I know Mr. Kosch is a very busy man because of all he has to do. I really stand amazed at how he pulls off all the things that he does but he has a discipline that he follows and he tries to share that same discipline with us. For him to take the time to do that for me was amazing. But it showed that he not only leads by example, but he lives and operates in the leadership that he teaches. Now when someone walks the talk that they teach, that's extra special. And I feel others really need to know the caliber of our leadership here at Worldprofit. Ms. Sandi Hunter has sent me messages when she felt like I needed encouragement or was frustrated and continues to let me know I can do this. What they do is for our good because they not only are leaving footprints of success for us to follow. They are standing in the footsteps with us, helping us along the way. I recently repurchased my membership here for another 2 years and was really wondering if I had done the right thing. I say that because I still had months before my present membership ran out. But it was no mistake I know. Mr. Kosch, and Ms. Hunter have taught me to be fearless in making sound business decisions. And this is one business decision that is paying off. Again Mr. Kosch I appreciate what you did and it did fix my problem. I appreciate the masterful care and training you, and Ms Hunter and have given me. Everything that I do has been affected by my stay here in Worldprofit. And whether you all realize the implication of the name you chose all those years ago for this business. Worldprofit is and does what it's name says. When even one person is successful, it changes the world, one person at the time. Once again, thanks. And may God continue to Bless and Keep you all. Mike Harris "

- Michael Harris danville, Va United States

"Hello All Let me say this first. This is my 4th time around with Worldprofit,and I finally let it soak in. And that is Worldprofit is like no other business on the internet. Don't be stuck in stupid like I was for many years. Worldprofit has EVERYTHING you need to profit and be successful on the net.All you need to bring to the table is the desire to succeed.the ability to listen and do, and the respect Sandi and George deserve for the time and effort they will give to help you succeed. Please don't pass this up!!! You won't find it anywhere. Here is a perfect example. I have had trouble with my webcam not working with Worldprofit products for 2 weeks.I thought I was going to have to buy a new cam, as support did all it could to help. But yesterday, being Christmas day and all, I decided to e-mail George Kosch about it. I figured I would get a reply a day or two after the holiday. But you know what, I got an e-mail from George in about ten minutes. I explained the situation to him. He e-mailed me back and had me try a couple things. Guess what folks? It's fixed! Now you tell me what company would do that on a Holiday. This is how Worldprofit helps 24/7. I could have been well on my way to success if I had listened to theses three people in the first place. My hat is off to you Sandi and George. You won't find better people on the internet anywhere. I am here to stay. Thanks guys. You are well appreciated. Amil"

- Amil Basista Middleburg Heights, Ohio USA

"I am in the lucky position, not having spent 1000 of dollars on useless programs, which do not work. I am just happy that I found Worldprofit right from the beginning. Worldprofit is my toolbox for my online business, I simply have all I need to run my business and a lot more. It is like walking into a Home Depot, there are so many awesome tools which I only need to get to know now and the best way to learn how to use all these tools is just to follow the Bootcamp lessons, which also is include."The Silver Membership is the basic starter package for those on a budget who want to start an online business or build an existing business and need help, resources, traffic and training" I was promised a start packaged when first joining Worldprofit they keep the word a lot more. Peter Junker - Denmark"

- Peter Junker Thisted , Jylland Denmark

"Hello Wordprofit - team, friends, Associates! For a possibility like these I for a long time waited. Large praise to the entire team of the Worldprofit. Here you really times a superconcept developed - ingeniously durchdacht and absolutely perfectly! Humans to love. One learns much to work and at the same time may. You have proven that it really possible is! I am here platinum renting member since one month and must still much learn. All these fantastic possibilities, the magiesche Landingpage, newsletter ski-hit a corner make fun (in Germany, in order to hold business at running, are people to invest monthly alone over 2.000 € in new type character advertisement, which I could not to afford, only on own fist very long time a business develop do not have), of selling Clickbank Produckte monitor training, mail to other members dispatch as well as in my eyes the hammer. therefore today with me 50 person from Germany announced, but them is not yet completely convinced. But I believe it come still. Thanks, large class! I look forward to a further good co-operation and common successes. Olga Filatova"

- Olga Filatova Goeppingen, Baden-Wuertemberg Germany

"I joined Worldprofit four months ago on February 18th 2012. I was new to Internet Marketing after a long banking career. I could not even Copy and paste. I joined Worldprofit as a Dealer because it appealed to me. I read every Bootcamp Lesson, watched every video, and attended the Live Bootcamp Training with George Kosch. It was a lot to learn but I spent many hours learning and practicing what I learnt. I signed up many associates with the skills I learnt from George Kosch and I graduated after three months. Today I am proud to state that I have just been paid by Worldprofit. I also received payments from Clickbank and Traffic Exchanges recommended by Worldprofit. It definitely is possible to Make Money Online with Worldprofit and I recommend it to all who are interested in starting an honest online business. I want to openly thank George Kosch and Sandi Hunter for their quick responses to my support requests, and for my success in Worldprofit."

- Brenda Mohammed Vistabella, San Fernando Trinidad

"Hi admin, I had been doing some money online now and then, but not steadily like I am doing right now with "Worldprofit" and the training is just great. One more thing: I have got "Everything" I need for my online success such as "Training and Tools" all in one Place and this is invaluable as far as I am concerned. My advice is: If you want to learn the ropes of internet marketing and become a real "Pro" sign up with Worldprofit, period! But do as you are told and your success is assured. I am a living proof. Celestin Kanga"

- Celestin Kanga Brou Madrid, Madrid ES

"During a very sad period in my life, just in the past few months, through the holidays I spent alone because I lost most of my family, 12 members over a period of 4 months, beginning in July, I kept thinking about getting back to work at It was the light at the end of the dark tunnel. I had to go through the grief, my mind was like mush, but I could still listen to George and learn. I could not make my fingers cooperate with my mind, but I could still listen, stay connected to our fantastic instructor, feel encouraged through his words, and learn. Today, even though it is cloudy and rainy and cold, I feel so different. I feel as though I am out of the tunnel, ready to go back to work promoting. I am thankful for the support I have received through the continued efforts of helping every student succeed. This business I have committed to learn, promoting any product, is one I can trust, and on the Internet, that is a goldmine! Thank you, George, for your stern instructions and recorded instructions. The videos are as real-life as the Friday morning bootcamps, almost. The question and answer part of the real thing is better than better. The customer service is exemplary beyond words, 24/7, live monitors, Sandi ....I could go on and on. Thank you, everyone, at You have become my new family."


"I joined Worldprofit just over a year ago now and I bought the Diamond Rotator Advertising. On looking around the site I saw the goldmine that lay at my feet and so I upgraded to the Silver Membership and after I started to make money through Worldprofit, I upgraded to Platinum. I have been really ecstatic about the Support offered by George and Sandi - they are extremely helpful even when I ask "stupid" questions! I have been a Senior Monitor in the Live Business Centre for several months now and have seen how much effort both George and Sandi put into Worldprofit. George has just launched the NEW Live Business Centre and is continually tweaking it so that it gives a better experience for both Clients and Monitors. George does not "hang about" - his latest venture is the complete overhaul of the Worldprofit site. It is really a magnificent piece of work and I cannot wait for it to go live. Overall, I can truly say that my Worldprofit experience has been excellent and what's more, I have made money for the first time online - and you can too! Here at Worldprofit, eveyone is geared up to helping Associates and Members to hit the ground running and using the simple steps - to make money online. Well done, George and Sandi!"

- Bruce Rae PhD CChem Northampton, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE

"Hi l have been working with Worldprofit for only a short time, but in that period l have come a long with their help and through their training which has shown me the way to make life happen. So l would say take the first step in taking control of your life and get the things you require and prosantion is the ememy. Take that first step now and come on onboard with a Great Company. "

- Barry Brooklyn cambridge, cambridgeshire uk