World Profit Review

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Type of Business: Home Business Training and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advanced

Income Potential: Worldprofit is a training system in affiliate marketing and has an optional business program and never makes income claims


Recommended: Yes, 5 stars

World Profit by David Harrisson

“World Profit”, owned and operated by George Kosch CEO, and Sandi Hunter President and found at, is a famous internet affiliate marketing company that is loaded with endless positive testimonials from a lot of very happy people.

Aside: I pride myself on reviewing sites I've joined by never ever promoting another opportunity under my review which can be good, bad or ugly. You see, reviews for the most part about the best companies are mostly negative. These are followed by something like "Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses" which of course point to affiliate links either owned by that site or the reviewer. If you see this... run run run... as these are always false. YouTube, scam this, scam that sites and I've done that are most notorious for these "crap" reviews.

I usually run into a moderate amount of registered grievances on many of the business opportunities when first researching for review, however, it is rare to see such an enormous amount of fantastic testimonials like were found in favor of World Profit. I am even including some testimonials here in the comment section below, and that was before I got to change this from a business submission into a review.

Most scam “biz opps” use a reputation cleaning method known as scrubbing to get rid of bad or negative internet presence by filling the search pagers with nonsense and fake reviews to push the real info way down. So far down that most people won’t go as far as 40 or 50 pages of search material. The majority of people “googling” only go as far as page 2 maybe even 3.

World Profit has such an incredible reputation after 23 years in business that it looks like it would be a great way to get started online. That said, we will now look into why World Profit is so successful. At a $99.95 a month, it’s inconceivable that a company like World Profit would rip people off since the hosting package and business tools alone are worth more than 5 times this amount.

Worldprofit's CEO presents a 20 minute video full of straight talk about how their system works in detail along with a clear and concise description of all of their services which include advertising on their thousands of sites.

Their affiliate program works mostly in favor of the company's new Silver Members since they have the training and tools to get started in the best way possible. Their free program also gives anyone a great way to learn about how business works online without any cost. There is no limit on the free Worldprofit Associate membership.

World Profit is clearly in the business of helping entrepreneurs make money from driving traffic to the company's landing pages and also giving members specific training on how to direct that same traffic to their own opportunities and affiliate programs.

Sure, World Profit has tools and training that shows you how to drive visitors to one’s site, sell traffic exchanges and “safelists”. However, the traffic they get you to bring in is of great quality if you learn the secrets to conversion. World profit excels like no other in this aspect of their training program.

The reason is that most of the visitors will be redirected to World Profit’s sales pages, and that traffic is the key to their member's success. If by some chance some one buys something off the World Profit affiliate ID links you post and advertise you would get commission, World Profit makes no income claims which is why they are a no hype program.

Getting people to sign up to World Profit under you is a very easy task since they give you a fantastic "copy paste system". Some newbie entrepreneurs learn incorrectly that most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are, which is completely false.

World Profit is a legitimate online business training program simply because they provide lots of training information, but it’s mostly on how to help you profit and learn how to promote your affiliate programs. Again this is awesome! 

Although there is information to look over, the World Profit sales page designs and much of the info are up to date and with their landing page builder system it allows members to create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and more on their own website, that's right, they own the site and manage everything.

The amount of time it takes to not only learn but to go around trying to get others to buy from or sign up under you at World Profit is vast and mostly easy to learn. Many testimonials I’ve viewed are not only praising the owners, but just about every one of them talks about how World Profit has changed their lives for the better.

I wanted to summarize by saying that World Profit, after over 23 years online, hides nothing. They teach people the cold hard facts about earning money online and how it takes work and more work to achieve success.

Keep up the good work World Profit, thank you for reading my review.


World Profit Member Testimonials

"I have been a Silver member for less than a week and I am really satisfied with with everything available from this program. If you really want to jump start a business online and have all the tools to do so, sign-up today. You won't be sorry. To your success, Lynn Patt "

- Lynn Patt ferriday, louisiana concordia

"I've been a associate member for over 7 years, but did not take action. Wow, what a change in the amount of useful products,services and support. Now that I'm an silver member I can finally see the value in the vast array of income sources. And don't forget about the goodie bag full of a wealth of information once you become silver. If you are on the fence,then jump off and make that commitment to Silver. I wish I did earlier! I can see this has been the best decision I've made yet. I look forward to the upcoming years with Worldprofit. Your truly, Jan Martin "

- Jan Martin Germantown, Maryland United States

"I think I have a very bright future in worldprofit . Slowly but very BRIGHT!!!"

- Iphota Thelemaque brideport, CT Fair field

"If your looking for a REAL internet business, then look no further. Worldprofit has designed the most complete website business that includes all the training and support you will need to operate your own custom website starting now. You'll be able to offer multiple income opportunities which gives you the best chance of significant diversified earnings. The majority of businesses we see offer the chance to promote their product only. With a Worldprofit Dealership, you will have all that you need to promote your internet business now and in the future because you will have the ability to customize your site. This means that you will always be able to offer new products or income opportunities to your customers all at the same time and never be stuck with outdated ideas or technology. Most importantly, is the fact that you will still be promoting the Worldprofit Dealership program which is the comprehensive business package which makes all this possible. The company, established in 1994, is stable, progressive, and is constantly providing all the latest marketing tools such as the incredibly unique Live Business Center which operates 24/7, a full array of additional internet video services, and products such as the Traffic Center which is FREE to join. These and more tools are all designed to help Dealers constantly promote their website business. The training and support are the best I have experienced and are designed for meeting the needs of beginners as well as the experienced users. If you already own a business that needs to be online or an existing website, you should seriously consider adding a Worldprofit Dealership to further promote your existing business or website and then you will be in a position to add even more opportunities for income that you can manage all from your one Worldprofit website. Thanks for developing such a great business for so many of us to finally succeed on the web ! To your success ! Rodger Guinee "

- Rodger Guinee Little Rock, AR USA

"I give Worldprofit 15 Stars which isn't good enough. Just the programs and all the tools that are provided to all the members go way above any website in the Market place. You will not find another site that comes anywhere close for the price of Worldprofit. If you are serious about starting a business with little out of pocket that gives you the training to make yourself successful and support when you need it and feel confident in what you are accomplishing."

- Jim Finch Dryden , Michigan

"I had a colleague venting about his frustrations... My response... Me too. I sent out 963,000 emails the other day. Earnings directly attributed to those promotions: $2.10 But... 40 minutes of consulting with someone that contacted me on Live-chat: AIOP sign-up - monthly residual TDL signup - monthly residual CMA upgrade - one-time Another offline Live-chat query: Potential WP Silver membership - monthly residual The emails may stimulate site visits, that then display Live-Chat, but the sales are directly attributable to Live-Chat interactions I have that code on every safelist I own, every landing page, and Worldprofit page. I was considering switching back to MyLiveChat (free version) but the one Silver sale pays for WP Live Sales Chat. That integration makes it worth it. If I can talk or directly communicate with someone, my results are clearly better than email marketing. I am a good consultant, and good listener, but by "marketer" standards, a poor salesman because I don't go for the jugular or close the "big" sales. I'm here for the "long game". Email gets them to the table. Direct communication is the waiter that tells them the specials and convinces them to order appetizers and dessert. Sometimes they only order water and a baked potato, but they THINK about the entree, and on next visit, order a hamburger, and eventually come back to order the steak... or not. I create a following that eventually results in sales. So... I guess I'm good at selling RELATIONSHIPS, and not STUFF. If not for all the tools: landing pages, magic list builder, lead magnet, sales chat; the traffic sources, incentives and EVERYTHING from WorldProfit that I use and integrate into everything I do EVERY DAY, this would not be possible. #justsayin Rich Moyer"

- Rich Moyer Collegeville, PA USA

"This is a very comprehensive website every Online Marketer should be made aware of. The Wordprofit Staff are well dedicated to give all their best for our profit online."

- Josephf Gaita ,

"The best thing that could happen to me in 2011 is that I found through a friend in my blog, at first,I was very skeptical when he offered me this, as I made many mistakes in recent years,which cost me some money. But now I am very happy that I have accepted the good advice. Of course, there is much to learn but anyway we learn throughout life every day. The only difference,WHO IS YOUR TEACHER? and I can honestly say I have the BEST now !!!!! The people of Worldprofit are always ready 365 days 24 hours for their customers. It has opened my eyes. Want to thank you for all the help I get in such a short time. A special thanks to George Kosch."

- Inge Feiler Muenchen, Bayern DE

"Only YOU Can Make The Move To Self Fulfillment and an Enriched Lifestyle If I may put in my 2 cents worth, I myself could not be any happier. Anyone and everyone....DO NOT pass up your chance to become associated with Worldprofit. There is not ANY other opportunity out there that can even come close to Worldprofit. Sorry to be on a sort of soap box here, but I could not help myself. I am an experienced network marketer going back to 1966. I have NEVER seen a company like Worldprofit and could not be any happier. Invest in yourself. Invest in YOUR future and take control. DO NOT pass up the golden opportunity that is right in front of you. You will only regret it later after you have spent way more than the price of the WorldProfit membership. You will only wish you would have spent your money more wisely with a Worldprofit membership instead of some pie in the sky, crap opportunity. I myself have even considered becoming a part time moderator for Worldprofit. BUT I want to build my Worldprofit business first and foremost and gather more experience with all that Worldprofit has to offer. I am SO excited about what Worldprofit has to offer. There is NO guarantees in life. Well I take that back there are only 2 guarantees. Death and taxes. Family, love, business, your work and your life will be determined by ONLY what YOU decide to do and take control of. As I had said, I have been involved in mlm and network marketing since 1966. I am voicing my opinions based on my years in this industry that so many of us have come to love and enjoy. I have gone through 3 heart attacks and 2 by-pass surgeries. I do not know what I would have done without network marketing to carry us through. Sure it takes a lot of work, a lot of time, research and patience. So! How many things in your lifetime took a lot of your time, research and patience that you yourself did not benefit at all from! Isn't it high time that you did? Network marketing IS NOT a quick, get rich business. Regardless of all of the crap you have seen or been told. They are nothing but blood sucking lairs! This is not a fly by the seat of your pants or fly by night sort of operation. You are BUILDING a business. BUILDING anything worth while takes time. But in the process you know you are BUILDING a business and a solid future that YOU and YOUR family WILL benefit from. And Worldprofit is not going anywhere. Been here 18 years, plan on being here for many more to come. And even if someday God forbid something terrible was to happen, just think of the knowledge and experience you will be able to absorb in the meantime, right now, today, tomorrow, etc. that you will be able to benefit from. Check out Worldprofit. Check out George Kosch. You will find out both are very reputable and highly respected in the industry. George is an absolute genius and a legend in the industry! Have you got something better in mind? How many other so called business opportunities are you going to waste your precious time and money on that will end up totaling far more than what you will spend on a Worldprofit membership!! And I speak from experience and the road of hard knocks! And besides, keep in mind that you can use the site to assist you with any other businesses that you are involved in. You can even advertise and promote any other business opportunity that you choose to become involved in on your Worldprofit website. I do not stand to gain any financial gain whatsoever saying all of this today to everyone. I quite simply am so very excited about my working relationship with George and Sandi and the Worldprofit organization, that I am telling anyone and everyone that will listen. I have FINALLY found home, peace, trust and satisfaction. Give it a chance and I am sure that you will too. Respectfully, James Deo Dawson Sr "JD""

- James Dawson Sr Indianapolis, IN United States

"Amazing ! That's it ! Buying Sales Center is ONLY ONE Minute ! In the next minute you can build your Sales Center and Your 'Infinite Income Stream' starts - all others depend on You. Thanks, Worldprofit!"

- Eva Szentmiklossy CEC Budapest, Hungary Hungary

"Thank you you have a business and a Heart. When i first signed up ( with my phone bill money) My computer broke. The Lord made a way to get fixed You made me happy a and gave me the two weeks I lost while computer broke. You only get a hour at a time at the library. I can only blame my fear of not learning so much. I Beleive your kindness help lessen my fear. Thank you you have really blessed me. "

- Shirley Dotson Atlanta, Ga USA

" There are not enough good words to describe what being a member of has done for me. They have amazing people working on my behalf, the instructional videos are amazing. I knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing when I joined two weeks ago, now I am getting 600 plus clicks on my ads. The tools are too numerous to mention. It is a one of a kind website, all designed for those who want to enter the internet marketing field. I am glad I found this site and even more glad that I have joined this site. I plan on being a member for a long time to come. There is still a world of knowledge I have to access yet. If your desire is to be a internet marketer and your new or maybe you know a few things and getting less than desirable results, then is where you need to be. The video training, live training and monitors are all amazing."

- Barbara OConnor Bakersfield, CA US

"Hello, I have been marketing online for 11 years part time online while holding down a full time military career of almost 18 years. During this time tried lots of business and lost money and made money but with lots of problems and no support. Worldprofit has helped me not only grow my business but work with a Wonderful Leaders in the industry and we are family. Thank you and feel honored and priviledged to represent this solid business opportunity which continues to get better and better each day. Remember this "Winners do what Whiners don't want to do that is put forth effort and help others to be successful""

- Howard Martell Virginia Beach, VA, USA

"Thank you George! Sorry this 'thanks' email is late, no excuses. Loving your program - Worldprofit. This will sound corny, trite, silly, like I have been drinking - whatever - but I KNOW this is going to change my life. I will make it change my life! You have no idea how long and how hard I have searched for just this program. Also, it really hit home in a great way how you tell me (us newbies) to slow down and take it easy. Gives me the freedom to learn so I can make a life long career from online marketing. Thank you from the soul of my heart! Looking forward to shaking your hand in person someday. Sincerely, Doug Snavely"

- Doug Snavely Wheat Ridge, CO USA

"When I decided I needed to get some extra income after retiring I went into Internet Marketing. I figured it couldn't be that hard and it seemed like easy money. Well, I went in head first not knowing what I was really doing and the more sites I signed up to the more money I was putting out and nothing in return. I was scammed pretty good what makes it worst was being scammed just before Christmas. That was the lowest I have ever been to in my life. I had been in and out of World Profit many times but couldn't seem to try again "a little gunsheigh" but after the fourth attempt decided to join as a free member. I joined and bought a Diamond rotator seeing that I had all these urls's not being used and goodness I started getting prospects and signups. After 3 months I decided to get a Silver membership and started to profit even more. Within a year I had gotten back all my money plus was way ahead. I just recently upgraded to Platinum and I am doing even better. I will tell you that I am not one to take directions very well which is why I was failing but I started the right way with World Profit by going through the boot camp and still using the videos today. You want to be successful listen and learned from George Kosch and Sandi Hunter."

- Jim Finch Dryden , Michigan

"The Worldprofit Business Builder Autoresponder System! It's amazing. It took me a whole day to put up a website, auto responder email series, and direct PayPal button. Now, George had made it as simple as clicking a button. Really fast and simple. Plus the first 12 products are great and will sell well. I Love it. Arvell Lewis"

- Arvell Lewis Austin, TX United States

"I want to salute the web designers at Worldprofit. They are always working on how to make the design of the dealers Websites better and more eyecatching. Thank you for the good and important work! I'm smiling Arvid Keskitalo Norway"

- Arvid Keskitalo Os i Osterdalen, Hedmark Norway

"I got so tired to looking for legitimate ways to make money online, everyone is ramming buy this and buy that down your throat but you never get any help whatsoever to use the products or know what to do with them so was so glad to find Worldprofit. Finally a company that provides something I can dig my teeth into, and finally actually make some money."

- Yvette Botes ,

""I recently had the opportunity to call upon Worldprofit Support for assistance. I was overwhelmed by not only the quality of service offered but by the patient manner in which it was given. I'm retired from the corporate world and managed more than one IT support function during my career. Worldprofit’s support is World Class - a target every corporate support group seeks to attain." Ash Brook NJ United States"

- Ash Brook Scotch Plains, NJ United States

"This whole setup and by that I mean is incredibly mindblowing, a little short of what one can call a miracle! I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineer and a Network Associate of renowned Cisco Systems for many years and a veteran of some sort in the World Wide Web but new to Worldprofit and I have never come across a system so 'complete' in what they say they do and actually do! Their self-service 24/7 is so great that I have absolute trust in them knowing that my association and business relationships are in safe hands. Ofcourse, I came here to make money and in my short membership time with them, they have proven to me I am in the right place because my Paypal notification just confirmed that! I hope to upgrade my membership status ASAP and make more money! Thanks to you guys Worldprofit, keep up the good work because I will be referring friends and family here."

- Akan-Imo Ekwere ,