World Profit Review

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Type of Business: Home Business Training and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advanced

Income Potential: Worldprofit is a training system in affiliate marketing and has an optional business program and never makes income claims


Recommended: Yes, 5 stars

World Profit by David Harrisson

“World Profit”, owned and operated by George Kosch CEO, and Sandi Hunter President and found at, is a famous internet affiliate marketing company that is loaded with endless positive testimonials from a lot of very happy people.

Aside: I pride myself on reviewing sites I've joined by never ever promoting another opportunity under my review which can be good, bad or ugly. You see, reviews for the most part about the best companies are mostly negative. These are followed by something like "Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses" which of course point to affiliate links either owned by that site or the reviewer. If you see this... run run run... as these are always false. YouTube, scam this, scam that sites and I've done that are most notorious for these "crap" reviews.

I usually run into a moderate amount of registered grievances on many of the business opportunities when first researching for review, however, it is rare to see such an enormous amount of fantastic testimonials like were found in favor of World Profit. I am even including some testimonials here in the comment section below, and that was before I got to change this from a business submission into a review.

Most scam “biz opps” use a reputation cleaning method known as scrubbing to get rid of bad or negative internet presence by filling the search pagers with nonsense and fake reviews to push the real info way down. So far down that most people won’t go as far as 40 or 50 pages of search material. The majority of people “googling” only go as far as page 2 maybe even 3.

World Profit has such an incredible reputation after 23 years in business that it looks like it would be a great way to get started online. That said, we will now look into why World Profit is so successful. At a $99.95 a month, it’s inconceivable that a company like World Profit would rip people off since the hosting package and business tools alone are worth more than 5 times this amount.

Worldprofit's CEO presents a 20 minute video full of straight talk about how their system works in detail along with a clear and concise description of all of their services which include advertising on their thousands of sites.

Their affiliate program works mostly in favor of the company's new Silver Members since they have the training and tools to get started in the best way possible. Their free program also gives anyone a great way to learn about how business works online without any cost. There is no limit on the free Worldprofit Associate membership.

World Profit is clearly in the business of helping entrepreneurs make money from driving traffic to the company's landing pages and also giving members specific training on how to direct that same traffic to their own opportunities and affiliate programs.

Sure, World Profit has tools and training that shows you how to drive visitors to one’s site, sell traffic exchanges and “safelists”. However, the traffic they get you to bring in is of great quality if you learn the secrets to conversion. World profit excels like no other in this aspect of their training program.

The reason is that most of the visitors will be redirected to World Profit’s sales pages, and that traffic is the key to their member's success. If by some chance some one buys something off the World Profit affiliate ID links you post and advertise you would get commission, World Profit makes no income claims which is why they are a no hype program.

Getting people to sign up to World Profit under you is a very easy task since they give you a fantastic "copy paste system". Some newbie entrepreneurs learn incorrectly that most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are, which is completely false.

World Profit is a legitimate online business training program simply because they provide lots of training information, but it’s mostly on how to help you profit and learn how to promote your affiliate programs. Again this is awesome! 

Although there is information to look over, the World Profit sales page designs and much of the info are up to date and with their landing page builder system it allows members to create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and more on their own website, that's right, they own the site and manage everything.

The amount of time it takes to not only learn but to go around trying to get others to buy from or sign up under you at World Profit is vast and mostly easy to learn. Many testimonials I’ve viewed are not only praising the owners, but just about every one of them talks about how World Profit has changed their lives for the better.

I wanted to summarize by saying that World Profit, after over 23 years online, hides nothing. They teach people the cold hard facts about earning money online and how it takes work and more work to achieve success.

Keep up the good work World Profit, thank you for reading my review.


World Profit Member Testimonials

"I joined Worldprofit just over a year ago now and I bought the Diamond Rotator Advertising. On looking around the site I saw the goldmine that lay at my feet and so I upgraded to the Silver Membership and after I started to make money through Worldprofit, I upgraded to Platinum. I have been really ecstatic about the Support offered by George and Sandi - they are extremely helpful even when I ask "stupid" questions! I have been a Senior Monitor in the Live Business Centre for several months now and have seen how much effort both George and Sandi put into Worldprofit. George has just launched the NEW Live Business Centre and is continually tweaking it so that it gives a better experience for both Clients and Monitors. George does not "hang about" - his latest venture is the complete overhaul of the Worldprofit site. It is really a magnificent piece of work and I cannot wait for it to go live. Overall, I can truly say that my Worldprofit experience has been excellent and what's more, I have made money for the first time online - and you can too! Here at Worldprofit, eveyone is geared up to helping Associates and Members to hit the ground running and using the simple steps - to make money online. Well done, George and Sandi!"

- Bruce Rae PhD CChem Northampton, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE

"Thanks so much for all your help and support you guys are the best!"

- William Dillender Atascadero ca

"In my 4 years of internet marketing, I have come across a lot of Web Sites that promise the world. Worldprofit. com is the only one that doesn't over promise but delivers more than you expect. As a Silver member, you are advantaged because a lot of the tedious work is done for you. I have not regretted signing up and enjoy George Kosch's courses and detailed explanation. Go 4 it! Viktor"

- V Schmid Bielenberg Loudon, TN US

"Hello all.I have not been on the program for long and I also have a full time job. My experience that I have absorbed through life tells me when I look at the content of this program as well as the he manner in which all is presented I am sure that when following the training program and applying it there has to be success. Thank you George and Sandi and all others who have developed this program and maintain it. Paul"

- PAUL BLACK Estcourt, Kwazulu Natal South Africa

"George and Sandi are always improving the tools, and looking for ways to drive more quality traffic and provide opportunities to prospects so they DO signup and stay engaged. One example, the Clickbank Maximizer has always been an ingenious way to "hook" a prospect, giving away a free product up front simply for the cost of their name and email. Once they are added to the CB Maximizer Autoresponder, they receive an email every couple days introducing them to a new Clickbank product. This has always been GREAT, but George and Sandi read the audience, and IMPROVED the process. Cleaner capture pages, more concise directions, and many more products in rotation. CB Maximizer has given our members an automated way to easily promote Clickbank products without needing all the skills to put these pieceparts together to create such an effective funnel themselves. George and Sandi - Thanks for everything you do!"

- Rich Moyer Collegeville, PA

"I started in April 2013 went to every site but not until I hit Worldprofit have I realized the errors of my ways. OK, I loss about 3,000, But not any more. I can't believe the help this Boot Camp Training has done for me. I read every word and follow the programs. In the beginning I thought the left side was the answer, but it is and it isn't, you need to read the forward on George's page, He tells you then where to go to get the answers and following through yes its time consuming but I am looking for the rewards that will come, today or tomorrow I too will be working the computer every day and adding more into the system. I have affiliated with a couple of companies to keep the interest up on my sites. thanks George for saving me another 12,000 thousand, yes that's right another $12,000 dollars when Worldprofit give you the same courses that the others give and a lot more. And one more thing to spot a phony site on e-mail is to click on the name under "subject" and it will show you who sent it, and if you see the same name but different subject you should know that its a false lead. One day before I came to Worldprofit, I receive mail from "ANTHONY" AND I PAID THE 17.00,24.00,AND 97.00 only to here from a Counselor(sure he is) it was the same guy I heard before. and he didn't want money, at lease not for Anthony but as we spoke I needed anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to invest into Anthony's program. I told him right off that Worldprofit only needs a fraction of the money to get a complete training program.and like a "gentleman" he hung up@! That was fine with me. Thanks again George "

- Richard ONeill Harrison, TN USA

"Life in the Internet ocean is alot happier swimming the currents as a team, and what one discovers, all members can benefit from. I noticed Worldprofit on and off for a couple years, before I started waking up to all that's offered and continually expanding here in one place. The quality on-going training at one's own pace, the smooth marketing tools, and live 24/7 monitors talking to my prospects, are all very impressive. The Prospect Management System and Newsletter Mailer are the first I've actually enjoyed using online. Everyday is a new discovery with Worldprofit. The best part is I now have something unique, powerful, and easy-to-use that any interested prospect can profit from for years to come. Everything is A+. Thanks Worldprofit!"

- Eric Christopherson Lafayette, New York United States

"Hello Joseph Freyaldenhoven - aka Bubbajoe here. I am what I call a revert. ie) I was a Dealer and canceled and came back. The questions are why did I cancel and more importantly why did I come back. I canceled because I got involved in too many programs and decided to concentrate on just a few. As soon as I canceled I began to notice a drop in income from safelist signups (Coming for and clickbank sales also originating for Worldprofit.) In addition I got trapped in the give away free stuff racket. My dad told me years ago that nothing in this world is free! I also noticed that I needed the input from someone like George and Sandi to keep me abreast of marketing techniques. Now - why did I come back. (Presently Platinum member and loving it) I came back to Wordprofit because in my 14 years of internet experience I have no three persons like George and, Sandi individually or collectively that are what they say they are. Their combination and the system together equals success. I am living proof that if you follow the bootcamp system you will succeed. My advice to everyone, is to forget about all the reasons you think that will stop you from succeeding and concentrate on the bootcamp system and do it every day in day out and whala - first new associates and then new dealers and finally deposits to your account. Thanks Joseph Freyaldenhoven"

- Joseph Freyaldenhoven Morrilton, AR USA

"I just wanted to share my gratitude for everyone at Worldprofit. I had been slipping through the cracks of life, chasing every shiny object that caught my I online. Offer after offer promising easy money and riches with a download or another membership. I had been circling the entrance of Worldprofit for quite some time. Then one early morning around 3:30 AM I stopped and listened to what was being offered. The monitor said you ( I ) would get two months of the Worldprofit for $99. The Monitor said it would be a shame for someone like myself who had visited 13 times prior to not come in and get my feet wet with the program. He went on to say, the worse thing that could happen is I would get the very best two months of online instruction via George. I had all my arguments taken away and the only thing left for me to do was pay for a membership to one of the finest online authorities created in the world. I had paid over $5000.00 per Semester for online training at Full Saill Universities Internet Marketing course. They were running 16 week classes in 4 weeks of accelarated training. God forbid if you could not follow at lightning pace. I did love the information I could retain. I ended up with poor grades and after the next semester at the same pricing I ended up being dropped for low grades. Then I heard that great deal for a Silver Membership with two months for the price of one. The courses are walked through at my pace by George and I can stop, rest or use the restroom. In College I thought you go when you want to, not true at a technical School. Miss up to three classes and you are dropped from that class. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. My school days were terrible and I fought the entire day at school being undiagnosed for mental or physical disibalites. I should of been in special learning classes. Today I am medicated and I am able to keep focused and engaged with George's Bootcamp classes. Thank you each and everyone who instructs at Worldprofit. The support and care at WP is fast and always first class. I would and do recumend everything at WP, but start at the Bootcamp learning as instructed. Best Regards, Peter Sauer "

- Peter Sauer West Bend, Wisconsin United States

"Never in my more than 8 years practice on the Internet have I found such a well trained, well coached business group like Worldprofit. Weekly Bootcamp Trainings, everyday workshops and development trainings teach dealers and associates to earn money with Worldprofit and getting their own business success to the next level. Thanks for all to George Kosch and Sandi Hunter. That's GREAT! "

- Eva Szentmiklossy CEC Budapest, Hungary Hungary

"I've been looking for something like Worldprofit for 15 years. I'm new to Worldprofit, but i can see right now this is more than I've ever wished for."

- Ed Delcamp Brighton, Colorado United States

"Thanks to George Kosch and his amazing training, I’m able to drive REAL Traffic to any website I wish in the Make Money Niche. I’ve mastered the use of Safelist email marketing and Traffic Exchanges. I've explored many traffic denerating tactics in social sites, video networks, and blogs. With the overall training and support I get from Worldprofit, I’ve been able to launch a number of websites to build a branded presence online. My income continues to grow as I put into practice all he tools and resources that start with my Worldprofit eBusiness Package. As I launch my next new venture to help thousands earn money online, I realize how thankful and fortunate I am that my internet business started with Worldprofit. I’m a customer for life. Arvell Lewis, MCEC"

- Arvell Lewis Austin, TX United States

"Thank TY Ty So Much God bless u all and happy happy Holidays "

- Tomas Garcia hamilton, Ontario CA

"I have joined Worldprofit in September 2008. I did not know the exact value of this program, which has evolved through the years. Today I can say, proudly, I have learned as much as any College or University Program with the advantage of profiting in the process. This is my place, my way of living.I am looking forward to a bright future.Thank you so much Sandi Hunter and George Kosch. We are family. You guys are sincere, honest, and truly professionals with a heart.God bless you and keep you safe and healthy."

- Tania Vick Pompano Beach, FL US

"Sandi, I would like to take this time to thank you for always being there; before, during and most importantly after the sale of my website design projects and those of my many customers. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your team of experienced professionals over the past six years. Great work! I know George Kosch is a successful man at Everybody needs to realize that behind every successful man is an exhausted women. I have to say that would be you. I don't know how you do it but don't stop. You're doing a great job. Thanks Again and I look forward to many more years of continued service. Louis Friel/Worldprofit Dealer and Longtime Customer"

- Louis Friel Golden Meadow, LA USA

"A BIG Hello to all who have decided to join us here at the World Profit Centre either as a Free sign up member or as a dealer like me! First a message to all visitors who are still sat on the fence so to speak! Please do yourself a favour and enter your info as requested and sign up for free! You are under no obligation whatsoever but, until you do that simple step you will not be able to participate in the centre's meetings! My name is AndyC {Andy Cummings}and I am based in the U.K. I have been online a couple of years now and joined many a program of which some do earn me an extra but most do not! The reason why I am part of The World Profit Centre is simple! What is being offered here is a complete answer to finally achieving success out in cyberspace! Why! Because you will be part of a real team of people looking after all our interests with all the Bells and Whistles one could desire! All the requirements to make a successful Income on the Internet are here! So remember If Nothing Ventured is Nothing Gained! Then at least venture now into The WorldProfit Centre! Believe me you will not regret your actions! Bye for now from me AndyC in the U.K."

- Andy Cummings Shipley, West Yorkshire GB

"This website has not only changed my life but it changed the way I look at things. It has become a huge part of my life because I'm dedicated to this website. I know with hard work I can achieve what I want to achieve. Just like going to college, and completing your masters it is hard work. You have to have faith, dedication and work hard. Worldprofit has taught me to never give up and follow my dreams. Nothing is impossible, If you believe in something then go after it. If I can do it, then anybody can. They give you the tools and the opportunity you just have to take the chance and use to your own advantage. I do not want to give up, I want to do what I have to do, so I can get the better things In life. Thank you to George Kosch and Sandi Hunter for the opportunity you all have given me here on Worldprofit. Although my progress is not where I want it to be, I know if I work hard I will be successful. I just had surgery and the doctor advised me not to use my arm, but I'm too excited to continue working on the website. I believe in this website and I encourage people to use this website and get on track to making their own money. Two years ago I wanted to change my life but I did not know where to start. Now that I have found this website, I am sure I will make something of myself. When you find something you love it is a beautiful thing, people should do what they love. I know I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but this is the first time I seen my name on a website and ,it gets me so excited and it pushes me to be the best. I wish I have money to continue to invest in this website because it is worth it. I'm so excited working on Worldprofit that I have to write this long paragraph on how it gradually changed my life. For the people who are siting down on the couch and wondering "what if", Get Up! and take the chance you have nothing to lose. Sincerely Iphota Thelemaque,"

- Iphota Thelemaque brideport, CT Fair field

"Worldprofit is the BEST when it comes to LIST BUILDING TRAINING. It is where the Home Business Experts and Millionaires with 21 years experience plus BBB+ Business accreditation train any ONLINE MARKETER how to effectively market any product or business. The Bootcamp Training provides LIVE ONLINE EASY to follow step by step instructions covered over 100+ lessions to be followed at one's own pace. With the latest state of art tools, software and products, the company OFFERS so much for the cost to become a member. Just as an example, where else on the net can anyone get 50,000 FREE VISITORS to one's site. ONLY HERE ! As the saying goes..."Money is in the List"...this is where any budding entrepreneur ought to be training to build numerous lists let alone one with ANY NICHE to achieve maximum profits and catapult their business to the next level. The awesome products and support from the staff is next to none that I have found on the net. Before anyone embarks on the journey with this awesome company, I just want to remind and WARN YOU that this is NOT a QUICK RICH scheme. It is a LONG TERM commitment and it requires hard work and perseverance.This is a company for entrepreneurs who have a "Never Say Die" attitude and never give up! If YOU are not willing to follow simple instructions in the training program and put in the hard yards then this is NOT for YOU...kindly continue on your shopping spree for "Quick-Rich Systems" out there. Trust me, people have lost considerable amount of money with quick-rich schemes prior to finding this company and wished they had found this company much, much earlier. This company's 21st Birthday SPECIAL will expire at the end of the month. This OFFER will not last or stay forever. YOU have to grab your chance when you are presented with one. Once YOU miss a chance, it may not happen again in your lifetime. It is like surfing...You have to catch the right wave to be a WINNER. "

- Marika Rika Auburn, NSW Australia

"Thank you George, and Sandi, I feel that I have finally found my "home" here online with Worldprofit, where I can grow as a person, as a business professional,to prosper financially, and a place to give back to other victims of the internet pirates, and to help those just getting started online to avoid all the the financial and emotional pain those internet pirates can inflect! Many Blessings to you and yours! Tim ODell"

- Tim ODell Villa Rica, GA US

"I have just read a Worldprofit blog. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am already doing those things stated in the article without thinking about it! I am always changing my website. If an affiliate program isn't paying off, out it goes. I keep in contact with my affiliates and, when they run specials, up goes the new banner and it's expiration date is marked on my calendar for timely changes. I am always looking for new affiliates, programs, etc., and I try to have something for everyone on my site. But I don't stop there. I have click and donate buttons, a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children banner and the Amber Alert code on my site. Everyone who visits my site will find an item to buy or a game to play not to mention information to be investigated. The other thing I do? Every single thing that I can have open in a new tab/window on my site is set up just that way. Why? Because nobody likes a boring website and it keeps people on my page and checking things out. Kudos to Worldprofit."

- Sandy Kalinowski Springfield, VA US