World Profit Review

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Type of Business: Home Business Training and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advanced

Income Potential: Worldprofit is a training system in affiliate marketing and has an optional business program and never makes income claims


Recommended: Yes, 5 stars

World Profit by David Harrisson

“World Profit”, owned and operated by George Kosch CEO, and Sandi Hunter President and found at, is a famous internet affiliate marketing company that is loaded with endless positive testimonials from a lot of very happy people.

Aside: I pride myself on reviewing sites I've joined by never ever promoting another opportunity under my review which can be good, bad or ugly. You see, reviews for the most part about the best companies are mostly negative. These are followed by something like "Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses" which of course point to affiliate links either owned by that site or the reviewer. If you see this... run run run... as these are always false. YouTube, scam this, scam that sites and I've done that are most notorious for these "crap" reviews.

I usually run into a moderate amount of registered grievances on many of the business opportunities when first researching for review, however, it is rare to see such an enormous amount of fantastic testimonials like were found in favor of World Profit. I am even including some testimonials here in the comment section below, and that was before I got to change this from a business submission into a review.

Most scam “biz opps” use a reputation cleaning method known as scrubbing to get rid of bad or negative internet presence by filling the search pagers with nonsense and fake reviews to push the real info way down. So far down that most people won’t go as far as 40 or 50 pages of search material. The majority of people “googling” only go as far as page 2 maybe even 3.

World Profit has such an incredible reputation after 23 years in business that it looks like it would be a great way to get started online. That said, we will now look into why World Profit is so successful. At a $99.95 a month, it’s inconceivable that a company like World Profit would rip people off since the hosting package and business tools alone are worth more than 5 times this amount.

Worldprofit's CEO presents a 20 minute video full of straight talk about how their system works in detail along with a clear and concise description of all of their services which include advertising on their thousands of sites.

Their affiliate program works mostly in favor of the company's new Silver Members since they have the training and tools to get started in the best way possible. Their free program also gives anyone a great way to learn about how business works online without any cost. There is no limit on the free Worldprofit Associate membership.

World Profit is clearly in the business of helping entrepreneurs make money from driving traffic to the company's landing pages and also giving members specific training on how to direct that same traffic to their own opportunities and affiliate programs.

Sure, World Profit has tools and training that shows you how to drive visitors to one’s site, sell traffic exchanges and “safelists”. However, the traffic they get you to bring in is of great quality if you learn the secrets to conversion. World profit excels like no other in this aspect of their training program.

The reason is that most of the visitors will be redirected to World Profit’s sales pages, and that traffic is the key to their member's success. If by some chance some one buys something off the World Profit affiliate ID links you post and advertise you would get commission, World Profit makes no income claims which is why they are a no hype program.

Getting people to sign up to World Profit under you is a very easy task since they give you a fantastic "copy paste system". Some newbie entrepreneurs learn incorrectly that most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are, which is completely false.

World Profit is a legitimate online business training program simply because they provide lots of training information, but it’s mostly on how to help you profit and learn how to promote your affiliate programs. Again this is awesome! 

Although there is information to look over, the World Profit sales page designs and much of the info are up to date and with their landing page builder system it allows members to create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and more on their own website, that's right, they own the site and manage everything.

The amount of time it takes to not only learn but to go around trying to get others to buy from or sign up under you at World Profit is vast and mostly easy to learn. Many testimonials I’ve viewed are not only praising the owners, but just about every one of them talks about how World Profit has changed their lives for the better.

I wanted to summarize by saying that World Profit, after over 23 years online, hides nothing. They teach people the cold hard facts about earning money online and how it takes work and more work to achieve success.

Keep up the good work World Profit, thank you for reading my review.


World Profit Member Testimonials

"I am 70 years old and retired. I worked as a Paramedic in the Cocoa Beach-Merritt Island Central part of Florida for 8 years. I then became a Route Deliverer for Merita Bread and then Wonder Bread for many years. I returned to my hometown of Youngstown,Ohio,where I became a Route Deliverer for Entenmanns Cake. I retired from there after 20 years. In 2000 I became interested in the internet and started looking around.To make a long story short,after spending much money and learning about all the scams out there,I came across Worldprofit.It seemed they had all I needed in one place in order to make some money on the net. I joined off and on for about a year or so.I was getting disgusted with what was happening and no profit to show. Next paragraph will explain why. My disgust with my situation was not Worldprofit, it was me.I wanted to do things my way and tried this shortcut and that way,to no avail. I sat down and told myself I was going to do it George and Sandi's way. Wouldn't you know it,I have been making profit every month since.I was just a hard head set in my ways.Just remember this is a BUSINESS,your business.You will get out of it what YOU put into it. Worldprofit gives you the tools,so just listen,learn,and put things into play as instructed. I think all the tools Worldprofit has are fantastic.You need to see what's working and what isn't and be willing to switch up. Don't be in a hurry. One step at a time.You have a lot to learn so take it slow. You have all the help you need from your sponsor, the Monitors on duty, and George and Sandi. Worldprofit's support is second to none. Having almost 20 years of experience on the internet, on a scale of 1 - 10, I would give them an 11. You just don't find better people than George Kosch and Sandi Hunter and the opportunity they give you to be successful on the internet.            George and Sandi are really wanting to make you successful. They are honest, upfront, and will do whatever they can to help. Sandi has helped me many times through the years and really didn't have to. And George knows the internet and what tools to provide us for success. You will not find a company like this anywhere on the internet. Worldprofit is the complete package and you are real missing the boat if you don't consider giving it a try."

- Emil Basista Middleburg Hts, Ohio

"My name is Maria Smiley and as of Feb 2008 I received my silver package not knowing how much I would learn from Worldprofit. To my surprise over the year and months that have passed the learning experience, support, training and so much more have been given to us with true hard work, long hours of research from our Bootcamp Trainer George Kosch who is just like our personal automatic pilot trainer shows us how to use the system with ease. We have the most beautiful web designs that are eye catching and well put together by the wonderful Sandi Hunter. This trio have done alot of hard work to make it easy for us to become successful. Now don't get me wrong on the work..Understand the platform of this company has given us the Tools, Training, Traffic and Support with so much more bonuses! And our responsibility is to do exactly what they teach us to succeed passed those who have tried on their own for years and has cut it down for us so much faster for us to profit. So you do have to work just not as hard. Thank you so much George Kosch and Sandi Hunter for all you have done and all the hours you have put in to help me. Sincerely, Maria Smiley "

- Maria Smiley Fort Lewis, WA US

"I have been associated with Worldprofit since 2003 and later became a member. There is NO place on the planet like it. The training alone is phenomenal and worth the membership even if you had not made one dime. I would not be able to afford George Kosch's training and tech support, Sandi Hunter's phenomenal website graphic design skills outside of Worldprofit. I cannot leave out my fellow members, ready to give their insight and perspectives on internet marketing. There were only a couple of hundred members on the day I clicked onto that "magic link." Now there are nearly 2.5 million of us! Am I proud to be a Worldprofit member? You bet your booty I am! Am I going anywhere? Not!"

- Linda Blackwell Newark, NJ USA

"Dear Friends, George Kosch has done it again! In a short seven minute video, he points out the necessary elements needed to be successful at making money on the cyber highway called the Internet. It starts with the purchase of a Silver Package Dealership in Worldprofit. I have been a Senior Monitor and Dealer with Worldprofit almost ten years now, and I highly recommend Worldprofit. I have been successful with it and so should you! The training sessions alone are worth the price of the monthly membership. Welcome aboard! Wallace Johnson MBA MCEC Apollo Project Test Pilot (The Lunar Landing Mission) Commander Spaceship DEWAJ"

- Wallace Johnson MBA Alameda, CA United States

"Life in the Internet ocean is alot happier swimming the currents as a team, and what one discovers, all members can benefit from. I noticed Worldprofit on and off for a couple years, before I started waking up to all that's offered and continually expanding here in one place. The quality on-going training at one's own pace, the smooth marketing tools, and live 24/7 monitors talking to my prospects, are all very impressive. The Prospect Management System and Newsletter Mailer are the first I've actually enjoyed using online. Everyday is a new discovery with Worldprofit. The best part is I now have something unique, powerful, and easy-to-use that any interested prospect can profit from for years to come. Everything is A+. Thanks Worldprofit!"

- Eric Christopherson Lafayette, New York United States

"When I first logged into Worldprofit, I thought it was un-nerving to find a live person talking to me. I am used to going to websites and looking through them quietly and "anonymously" - I put quote marks around that word "anonymously" because I've learned over the years (and more so the last couple of years) that there are websites that steal my information when I go into them and, as a result, I get repeated and unsolicited; at times, inappropriate and unwanted email. I've been a licensed real estate salesperson since 1983 and I know that sales allows for a lot of different personalities because there is a variety of people - each one responding differently to the other. I never appreciated that principle as much until I came to the Worldprofit website as a visitor - and, now, I very much appreciate the Monitors . . . all of them. I liked the idea of live help at the website; however, it is so different from my over 10 years experience on the internet that it took me a few times to get used to it. Yes, they want you to sign up - not just because they'll make money (what's wrong with that?); it's because this, if nothing else, is an excellent learning opportunity. Worldprofit's Technical Support has been absolutely great - timely response and not giving up if their first attempts to help didn't work. This is not only a unique opportunity; it's an extraordinary experience and opportunity. Even Monitors have helped me when I asked them questions which I think is a good example to visitors. It's not their "job" to answer dealer questions; however, they didn't say, "That's not my job." They helped, too. I have not found anyone at Worldprofit that isn't genuinely helpful. For me, I'd like to learn how to excel at internet marketing and it's my opinion based on experience (past and present) that I'm in the right place with the right people to do that. Yes, navigating the website after signing up can be intimidating; however, you'll find patient and helpful people that will quickly make you familiar with the website and what you need to do. The Technical Support, in particular, is outstanding and they do not treat any request or question as a "stupid" one. I'd sign up just to experience it and I'm sure you'll stay once you try it."

- Rebecca Simon Bybee, TN US

"Well I am still new to this site I am spectacle on how this process works but from what I have now read this is one site that will help you with all processes and will even help if you ask for it I am very proud to be a silver member and I hope I start making money soon. "

- Anthony Bradley williamsport, OH US

"I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Worldprofit. Keep up the good work. Louis Friel/Worldprofit Dealer & Customer"

- Louis Friel Golden Meadow, LA USA

"a good work. Thanks for being such an amazing company!"

- Harmanli Erkin

"I am so excited that I finally found a company that cares about us in this different world of Networking. I stepped out of networking about 6 years ago and when I came back it has truly been a NITEMARE. I have been in the Home Base Arena for 36 years and and now everything I get into I fail when I never use to Fail. You see I was a Trainer in Direct Sells and LOVED Training People how to make their dreams come true. And I loved it but since I came back I really didn't like networking anymore. Until now we get Hands on training and I am learning everything all over again and Worldprofit has got me Excited again. Because I am learning a whole different way to build all of my businesses. I am so Thankful and loving to learn all of the different ways to network. The days of picking up the phone and signing people up are gone how about taking a credit card over the phone and Fax or invite people to a meeting. I use to love those days now we have the tool that everyone needs all over the world called Worldprofit and so I am Thankful to learn and to have TRUE LEADERSHIP that cares about US the True Netwoker and NEWBIE. I want to tell the Whole wide World about Worldprofit so they also can make their Dreams Come True Again Blessings to All KZ Zambrano"

- Kellie (KZ) Zambrano Woodland Hills, California United States

"I first discovered Worldprofit back in 2006. I was new to internet marketing back then, so I knew little about how to market, yet I'd already been involved in too many things and spent a lot of money. I went away over the years, only to come back because, there is simply nothing out there like it. A scam won't tell you how long they've been in business for, or that they are veteran members of the Better Business Bureau. The products, the training and support just can't be found elsewhere! In summary "Worldprofit rocks!""

- Richard Bligdon Hastings, ON Canada

"Fresh off the fishing vessel. Reminds me of why I started Internet Marketing (I love fishing also) and joining Worldprofit has been the best decision so far. "

- William Rabang Everson, WA US

"Worldprofit has done it again! The LIVE Business Center is UNBELIEVABLE! This is the greatest reason why I joined Worldprofit,...because it continually evolves with cutting edge tools and technology and you guys are relentless in your pursuit for excellence. I'm very proud to be a part of it! My sincere gratitude for your hard work on our behalf,...and heres wishing every Worldprofit Dealer and Associate continued success in everything they do! Patrick Lange Braidwood, ILL "

- Patrick Lange Braidwood, IL

"Hello, I am Glen Brink, sometimes called 'a renaissance man.' My professional career in software engineering ended shortly after I discovered the adventure of owning a home business. You can do this if you learn to do business with people you can trust, and that "Best Friends last the longest." I have been in Worldprofit for 6 years now, and I have followed George Kosch since the early days of Internet marketing. And I appreciate Sandi Hunter's perspective on the complete picture of our business. Anyway, these three partners are among the few, the proud, the trustworthy -- marketers with Integrity -- people you can trust. When I first found the Worldprofit website, I re-visited it for months from my tickler file, with the excuse 'I don't have time' to watch the live presentation/video. When I finally "gave myself the time" I signed up immediately. Starting out (for the discount on a yearly plan) knowing that would give me the commitment to overcome my procrastination, and give me a fair shot at success. From experience with uncountable programs (from both direct mail and the Internet) I know it takes commitment to get a new venture off the ground. So I worked almost full time for a couple weeks, getting set-up. And I made a profit right from the first month with Worldprofit. Plus just by following the training course a while, I recruited my first Associate to accomplish even more than I did. Of course, she only lasted a couple of years, but I'm still working with and for folks she introduced to the program. And I'm enjoying the extra profits from upgrading to Platinum. My best friends have always been those who last the longest; We have more of a story to tell. So my thanks George and Sandi for lasting long enough in this business to allow us to prosper. Thanks for providing a business landscape where we can discover our direction. And thanks for being real, for your honesty and the rare Integrity to guide us where we decide to go. Your Best Friend Forever, Glen Brink "

- Glen Brink Littleton, CO US

"I was challenged by someone, "You keep talking about Worldprofit. You keep saying it is the best internet marketing training on the planet. I see the extensive list of benefits, blah blah blah, but my question is, do you use it, and how do YOU use it? My response: Well, I will tell you that WITHOUT WORLDPROFIT, I would have to DRASTICALLY change the way I do things. * I would have to come up with replacements for traffic sources, tools, cloaking and ad tracking. * I would not have the massive article directory, ebook creator, ebook cover creator * I would not have the massive library of done-for-you email swipes, promo tools, offer builders. * I would not have the massive library of PLR, training courses, autoresponder scripts, Clickbank Promo Kit * It would take HOURS to recreate the Clickbank Marketplace and Amazon Stores on my websites. * I would not have the CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT and tips and techniques I get from THE MASTER, George Kosch, and the great Daily Checklist I get from Sandi Hunter. * I would not have the great library of landing page templates that I use all the time. I use these tools and resources EVERY DAY. I have at least one or more tabs of my browser open to WorldProfit ALL THE TIME. I USE THESE TOOLS! I am a Platinum VIP member, and the $149 I spend for Worldprofit every month would easily cost me 3-4 times that to be without these items I have gotten so used to using, and that I feel are necessary for me to function EVERY DAY. I went on to give him a list of the things I DO use EVERY DAY. I did a "day in the life" walkthrough for him. We have joined forces on many other projects, and are always taking jabs at each other, but I actually left him speechless (so uncharacteristic). I finally wore him out. This in itself is a testimonial. I'm still letting that sink in for several days... at least my answer shut him down from his daily "pokes" about "Worldprofit This, Worldprofit That". I'm still working on him, but it won't take too much more to make him a convert... I'm retired. I've got nothing BUT time... One of the traits that most marketers overlook, since everything is URGENT, and DO IT NOW, and DON'T MISS OUT, is patience. It takes on average 7 exposures for someone to "get it". Some people more... And, as I learned when teaching, people learn in different ways: some visual, some audible, and others are hands on... I just need to find the right combination..."

- Richard Moyer Collegeville, PA USA

"Thank you to everyone at Worldprofit. You've turned my Internet Marketing Career on for REAL. With the MASSIVE training videos, the live monitors closing my sales, this is a fantastic journey. I've tried doing things alone in the manual way for so long without results, so joining this community of people truly set for helping each other is wonderful. I especially love the fact that I have hundreds of landing pages, scripts, and ad examples to choose from. I was never a copywriter. Also, all the books I've gotten with my membership has really boosted my understanding on how to profit online. I now understand why you called it Worldprofit, because you make the whole world profit in here!"

- Allan Haastrup Ringe, Fyn Denmark

"As an Internet Marketer, one of the problems I faced was lack of focus. The Silver Package with Worldprofit gave me one place where I can market all of the ideas, products and services I can dream of. With the WP system of training, services and technical support, I have been able to launch several websites and develop a clear business model without having to throw away a product prior to testing it. By using the more than 30 potential income streams with Worldprofit, I have been able to shorten the learning curve and position myself for at least seven streams to wealth. The availability of "live" monitors makes it expecially nice to do business with people from other parts of the USA and the world. With Worldprofit, there are basically no time zones. Trained monitors are available to talk to my prospects 24/7 and I receive a notice by email or text to my phone if I desired. The "Who's Logged In" feature alerts me by email whenever a prospect is on any one of my web pages, and I can immediately choose to join them online while they are showing interest in what we have to offer. I wish I had known about Worldprofit many months ago when I was struggling to make sense of marketing online, banner exchanges, affiliate marketing, autoresponders, and more. The Affiliate Marketing and home business Bootcamp is invaluable to anyone who wants to learn how to profit on the Internet! Thank you George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and your team of business partners and staff."

- Cynthia McKelvy Richmond, CA US

"I just started this site and am impressed with the resources and training available. Can't wait to get started. Thank you."

- Buddy Boome

"I've been on line for 4 years and Worldprofit is by far the best Affiliate and Internet Marketing company with which I've been associated. The reason I say this is because of the exception internet marketing tools and product offerings. Also, the exceptional instruction available on all the affiliate and internet marketing components. Once you become a Silver member you are corralled into the correct way to get leads,signups and sales."

- Francis Cassady Elk River, MN US

"Two years ago, I entered the world of internet marketing with other so-called Internet marketing gurus. Spending ovr $40K with them without a dime in profits to show for this investment, I never made a dime "doing it their way". In less than thirty days, the World Profit system has made believer and a convert out of me. I only wish I had known about it sooner. My pocket book and my bank account would be much, much happier. Beter late than never... The three C's will ultimately triumph: commitment, consistency and conversions! Dr. Louise Campbell, MBA, Ph.D. "

- Louise Campbell SNELLVILLE, GA US