World Profit Review

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Type of Business: Home Business Training and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advanced

Income Potential: Worldprofit is a training system in affiliate marketing and has an optional business program and never makes income claims


Recommended: Yes, 5 stars

World Profit by David Harrisson

“World Profit”, owned and operated by George Kosch CEO, and Sandi Hunter President and found at, is a famous internet affiliate marketing company that is loaded with endless positive testimonials from a lot of very happy people.

Aside: I pride myself on reviewing sites I've joined by never ever promoting another opportunity under my review which can be good, bad or ugly. You see, reviews for the most part about the best companies are mostly negative. These are followed by something like "Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses" which of course point to affiliate links either owned by that site or the reviewer. If you see this... run run run... as these are always false. YouTube, scam this, scam that sites and I've done that are most notorious for these "crap" reviews.

I usually run into a moderate amount of registered grievances on many of the business opportunities when first researching for review, however, it is rare to see such an enormous amount of fantastic testimonials like were found in favor of World Profit. I am even including some testimonials here in the comment section below, and that was before I got to change this from a business submission into a review.

Most scam “biz opps” use a reputation cleaning method known as scrubbing to get rid of bad or negative internet presence by filling the search pagers with nonsense and fake reviews to push the real info way down. So far down that most people won’t go as far as 40 or 50 pages of search material. The majority of people “googling” only go as far as page 2 maybe even 3.

World Profit has such an incredible reputation after 23 years in business that it looks like it would be a great way to get started online. That said, we will now look into why World Profit is so successful. At a $99.95 a month, it’s inconceivable that a company like World Profit would rip people off since the hosting package and business tools alone are worth more than 5 times this amount.

Worldprofit's CEO presents a 20 minute video full of straight talk about how their system works in detail along with a clear and concise description of all of their services which include advertising on their thousands of sites.

Their affiliate program works mostly in favor of the company's new Silver Members since they have the training and tools to get started in the best way possible. Their free program also gives anyone a great way to learn about how business works online without any cost. There is no limit on the free Worldprofit Associate membership.

World Profit is clearly in the business of helping entrepreneurs make money from driving traffic to the company's landing pages and also giving members specific training on how to direct that same traffic to their own opportunities and affiliate programs.

Sure, World Profit has tools and training that shows you how to drive visitors to one’s site, sell traffic exchanges and “safelists”. However, the traffic they get you to bring in is of great quality if you learn the secrets to conversion. World profit excels like no other in this aspect of their training program.

The reason is that most of the visitors will be redirected to World Profit’s sales pages, and that traffic is the key to their member's success. If by some chance some one buys something off the World Profit affiliate ID links you post and advertise you would get commission, World Profit makes no income claims which is why they are a no hype program.

Getting people to sign up to World Profit under you is a very easy task since they give you a fantastic "copy paste system". Some newbie entrepreneurs learn incorrectly that most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are, which is completely false.

World Profit is a legitimate online business training program simply because they provide lots of training information, but it’s mostly on how to help you profit and learn how to promote your affiliate programs. Again this is awesome! 

Although there is information to look over, the World Profit sales page designs and much of the info are up to date and with their landing page builder system it allows members to create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and more on their own website, that's right, they own the site and manage everything.

The amount of time it takes to not only learn but to go around trying to get others to buy from or sign up under you at World Profit is vast and mostly easy to learn. Many testimonials I’ve viewed are not only praising the owners, but just about every one of them talks about how World Profit has changed their lives for the better.

I wanted to summarize by saying that World Profit, after over 23 years online, hides nothing. They teach people the cold hard facts about earning money online and how it takes work and more work to achieve success.

Keep up the good work World Profit, thank you for reading my review.


World Profit Member Testimonials

"I am sceptical by nature, and it took me several months before i decided to become a silver member. The only thing i regret is that i did not upgrade on day ONE. I have now access to everything i need, from ONE place. I dont know about any program or plan that can match worldprofit. "

- Stein Tvedt Myking, Ho Norway

"I would like everyone to know that Worldprofit Rocks! Beyond my wildest expectations! Beyond anything I've ever seen in over 10 years of exploring various business opportunities. Outstanding, outstanding,outstanding!! I am so very proud to be associated with Worldprofit! Thank You George & Sandi for an excellent opportunity. Thank you also for your continued efforts to keep all of your dealers way ahead of the competition and to bring us news and updates on a daily basis. In short, this is my home on the Internet. I thank you for making all of this possible for me. Cheri Faline"

- Cheri Faline Rapid City, SD US

"I just wanted to say I have been a member for 13 months now and anyone anywhere can do this simple program and earn online. I am simply following the techniques used in our millionaire bootcamp training consistently and I am reaching the top 3 on the leader board of almost 1 million members each and every month in both categories in recruiting and sales . I am so grateful for not quiting this challenging new task as I just simply learned to be teachable and an action taker and now I'm going in a several positive directions for my online success. I just wanted to say thank you to all my community members for making me feel at home whenever I log in each day and to all the hard working people in the Worldprofit system that never gave up on me. I see myself as a lifetime member."

- Neil Grippa Brooklyn, NY US

"I am brand new to WORLDPROFIT and as I study my website I am even more pleased that I finally found the company I have needed all the years marketing online ALONE! I had all the problems and failures from them. What we get with our Silver and or Platinum plan is awesome. Where else can you find all the professional closers working for you 24x7x365 days? NO WHERE! I am not a "techie" either and the support staff is great along with my sponsor, Louise Croy. Thank you Louise, Sandi and everyone on staff at WORLDPROFIT. Still learning, George Begalla"

- George Begalla SALEM, OHIO USA

"I've been online for 4 years now blogging Health and Fitness as well as Make Money Online Articles. I'd retired from a major telco, and after volunteering for two years, I'd significant surgery. I started Cassady Online LLC when I was at home recovering from two major operations. My online venture was composed of, and Cassnethosting,a professional web hosting site. Obviously, the online marketing piece was lacking,although I'd always added value-add articles to the online community. I had worked with a few get-huge-commission companies and some TEs and safelists. I didn't know how to judge the value of the online companies,so I became disillusioned with the results,and quit online company after online company.I bought a Diamond Package from Worldprofit, and once I discovered the platform and actual SYSTEM, it immediately resonated with me. The very professional but practical people, that administer Worldprofit online marketing,are really the people that keep the Worldprofit System moving forward. This 20 year old company is right on with the most up-to-date internet and affiliate marketing tools. From landing pages to ad copy to instructional videos from George Kosch, the twenty year veteran of internet marketing, make Worldprofit one of the top rated internet and affiliate marketing systems on the internet. But probably the most impressive piece about Worldprofit, is their ability to communicate concerns with members. You'll get answers, there is significant communication capabilities within the Worldprofit community. If you're looking for fantasy and get rich quick schemes don't come to Worldprofit. If you're looking for a world class online marketing SYSTEM to facilitate your online efforts, be sure to join Worldprofit. Get real,get it right, join Worldprofit as a free Associate now and see for yourself. Fran Cassady Cassady Online LLC "

- Francis Cassady Elk River, MN US

"This business most be the only Worldprofit that can realy make lots of money this is well manitory trut the webcast by all the personel on it, There is so profesional that I make my mind an order packages 28 I know I will make lot of money in this business."

- Francisco Dejesus Rivera Catano, PR US

"I first joined Worldprofit in late 2006. Worldprofit has been around since 1994,and,believe me,if you know "the big gun merry go round",anything longer than a few months in Internet Marketing is a record! Back then the live business center was just new.You drive the traffic,they sign up,somebody makes the sale for you while you're sleeping,or otherwise engaged? -unheard of. I was astounded! Every tool a marketer needs to make money online was/and is here. Professionally designed website and domain name included.Tools and training provided by an expert programmer and marketer.Newsletters and Ebooks written by a Harvard educated grad,copy writing and marketing expert with 30+ years experience,who also spends many hours a day in the live business center helping to make sales for Worldprofit dealers, all provided as part of the marketing system. Somebody once said: "To make money online you must have a marketing system in place." Worldprofit is that system,with training not found elsewhere.I know,because I looked! "

- Richard Bligdon Hastings, Ontario CA

"Worldprofit is AWESOME!!!"

- Darrell Brown Apache Junction, AZ US

"Greetings!! I'd like to share that I've been in World Profit only about 3 months and in this time I've made more than in my past approximately 15 years of marketing experience. Anticipate $400+ on June 15th . Hoping to continue the trend. Georgia Jenkins"

- Georgia Jenkins Freeport, IL U.S.A.

"It must of been the best day of my life when I came across Worldprofit. For years I tried making money on line, but with no, or very little success. The bootcamp training I receive can be compared to nothing else it covers all aspects of online internet business and is continually. Friday mornings with George Kosch is exceptional, he is a master at his craft. Then there is Sandi Hunter who is there to help in all the back room issues. I believe if you want to succeed in this business you need Worldprofit. Don't take my word for it have a look your self. Pam Sudo"

- Pam Sudo Huntfield Heights, Sa Australia

"Thank you George, and Sandi, I feel that I have finally found my "home" here online with Worldprofit, where I can grow as a person, as a business professional,to prosper financially, and a place to give back to other victims of the internet pirates, and to help those just getting started online to avoid all the the financial and emotional pain those internet pirates can inflect! Many Blessings to you and yours! Tim ODell"

- Tim ODell Villa Rica, GA US

"You guys have bent over backwards, and done flips for me, and I wish to thank everybody who has helped me, the PLR store is another example of par excellance from Worldprofit."

- Garry Yakimchuk Kelowna, B.C. Canada

"this is the coolest site I have ever seen."

- Jeanguy ,

"Have you come to you have come to the right place. That is, if you want to learn to make money online the right way without all the lies that are out there. This is a Big study site and a Big make money site for both beginners and super advanced people. I was a member of a another mentor program that I considered to be the best out there on the web, but have now switched to Worldprofit. I cant believe that there is something better than this. If you do not get Amazed with Worldprofit, you must be dead, and heaven is probably a better place for you. Welcome you too, you can thank me later Only the best is good enough for me. Benny Brogan"

- Benny Brogan Arsta, Stockholm SE

"Hello, I have been marketing online for 11 years part time online while holding down a full time military career of almost 18 years. During this time tried lots of business and lost money and made money but with lots of problems and no support. Worldprofit has helped me not only grow my business but work with a Wonderful Leaders in the industry and we are family. Thank you and feel honored and priviledged to represent this solid business opportunity which continues to get better and better each day. Remember this "Winners do what Whiners don't want to do that is put forth effort and help others to be successful""

- Howard Martell Virginia Beach, VA, USA

"With Worldprofit, this is the first time that I have been able to say "money well spent!" I spent $800.00 with a site designer for my last website. Then I needed an email delivery program another 175.00 and on and on and on you don't have time to listen to all of this. Just 99.95 after all I have spent more than that on a membership site per month but I had told myself and my wife no more. I was on a traffic exchange trying to get my site seen a few times that I first saw the live video, what is this I thought, and it said put your name in the bottom and talk to us, I did and had so much fun! I have been a salesman all of my life I am 66 years old and have been online since 2002. I have 22 websites not one them were ever successful I sell custom t-shirts for the last 22 years. So I have learnt a thing or two so I decided to try one more time. The first thing that I thought would was this one time offer if you want any pictures that will be more and of course if you want to send out emails that will be more etc. But to my surprise none of that has happened in 24 hrs I had my website then signed up for bootcamp. This is ok # One went fast and in two days I am on level 3 no were near a record but the best ever for me I have sent my newsletter out to over 400 people and have had 2 people send me a letter if you have never had your own web business you will never know how hard this is because you will never have to do it alone like I have it is so easy with them showing and telling you how I just felt like talking a little bit. Wishing you the best. See You At The Top Charles Wheeler "

- Charles Wheeler Arlington, TX US

"The Caliber of People In Our Community The quality our the people in the Worldprofit Community is amazing. They always impress me in some way, for, or fashion, and it is always an eye opening thing that they just do, because it needss to be done. This morning when I came in to monitor on my shift, the monitor before me had not showed up for whatever reason. But one of our dealers was acting as a monitor but answering customers through the chat window and directing them to where they needed to be. No video, no mic, just the shear desire to keep the LBC operating and directing new members to where they needed to be. He said, I just hate to see the center empty, I did what I could. And this is why I continue to Stay a member of Worldprofit. The quality and concern of our members for the overall success of our community is Second to None. Thanks Rawle Trim for doing whatever you could to help. It rally inspired me to try and do more. I just felt this needed to be shared. WOW the people we have here are Fantastic! Michael Harris "

- Michael Harris danville, Va United States

"Thanks Worldprofit for making possible for someone to actually have a complete home business system all taken from one single place! Amazing Tools and an Outstanding concept. I have finally found what I have actually been looking for, for a long time and now I have found it and sticking to it. Best Regards Bruno"

- Bruno Duarte Loten, Hedmark NO

"It took awhile before I got around to setting it up, but when I upgraded to the "Show Home" for Platinum VIP, it included free exclusive leads. I spent half of my career as tech support, so I was used to working with people on the phone all day long, but I have never been crazy about cold calling. The difference is that when people called ME, they were looking for help or my expertise to solve THEIR PROBLEM. With cold calling, I was trying to solve MY problem (new leads) by convincing others they HAD a problem, and then proceed to tell them how to resolve THEIR NEW FOUND PROBLEM. Within minutes after setting up Call Loop and sending out about half a dozen Call Loop messages, I got TWO CALLS BACK that expressed interest in the Silver Member package. I spoke with each one for about 15 minutes, and sent them a pre-defined follow-up email to their confirmed email address, and then let the magic of the Instant Silver Package promo, landing pages and video do the heavy lifting. What a Great Tool!"

- Richard Moyer Collegeville, PA USA

"I would like to say that "Worldprofit" is one of the best internet marketing, internet education, social networking websites, on the net...Hands down! Not only can you make money,...but they do not,...I repeat!,...Do not color the online marketing picture... First,...if you want to get ahead in this competive world, you absolutetly need the truth about what is going on around you, and what's happening online,..."Worldprofit" does exactly that. It's actually better than a college education, in my opinion,...and not only that,...They give you every opportunity to better yourself in ways that you wouldn't think possible in a program of this type. That's not taking into consideration the online monitors that are there to greet anyone who logs into their account,...and those who are just kicking around to see what they might find on the net... Work!,...What's that!,...Yep, are going to have to do some Work if you want to get ahead in this program,...If you don't want to work, then you don't want lasting success... I am a successful musician,...I have been playing the sax for 54 years now,...and I know what it takes to be a great one,...not that I am boasting,...but, that is what others say about me... I know that I will need some other source of income, to sustain me for the rest of my life,...something that I can work at, knowing that my time, and effort will be worth it... So I am with "Worldprofit" for the Long Haul!,...I am also a blind person,...and yes, I have many challenges when trying to do the steps that are laid out before me,...but after a long layoff,...I returned to "Worldprofit" because I knew that they were people that I could trust... It's 2017,...and I think "Worldprofit" is a mainstay far into the future... How many times have you heard the saying,..."We have everything you need to be successful",... Well, "Worldprofit" puts the money where their mouth is,...They do actually have Everything! you need to to be successful, and much more,...That's no joke folks!... I am deeply gratified, and appreciate the Blessing that is the program called "Worldprofit"..."

- Kevin Brown San Angelo, TX United States